A Little Something About…Me?

This…”summary” of mine is more about how this blog got started than my history. Though I may share those things as time passes by; I am not going into what I do, who I am, what I like, yada yada for now. Hopefully you will learn those things as time passes by (whatever life calls for)…

I was peering 30 and I thought I would have the white picket fence, the doting husband and the loving children by then; nothing that I had dreamt of had happened yet. Boy, was I bummed. I mean reallllly bummed and depressed about it. I could not understand why the fence, husband and children did not come about. Even when I made an effort to find it, it did not happened. But as it turned out a another plan (other than my own) was in mind.

I had finished school, but my life was stagnant. I wasn’t accomplishing anything new or being challenged. As you get to know me you will find, I don’t do stagnant. I love change. I believe in change. I believe in development and growth. And you should too, to be frank. If we are not changing/growing/developing, we are not living.

And so my journey began… my REAL journey began; where I woke up.

In June 2014, I moved to New Zealand for a year…BY MYSELF. I had no plans, no support and no place to stay (in fact I booked my room the night before I left, ahhh). All I had was a bit of money I had saved up and a heart full of hope and adventure. I was ready for a change and change I got. Some changes I wanted, some I needed, and some I hated, but I changed and grew for the better.

It was a year of excitement, joy, disappointment, hardships, heartache, learning, emancipation, and adventure. But most importantly, love. Love and belief in myself.

So this blog starts out sharing that journey and God willing I will be able to continue to share the rest of my journey on this earth post-New Zealand.

I hope you enjoy it and God bless.

X (kiss),

Mik (meek)

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